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Who Should be on Hard Knocks?

Posted by briesen on May 10th, 2012

Now that the Falcons have turned down Hard Knocks we can start speculating on which NFL team should receive the coveted spot for the hit HBO series. There are numerous candidates and as we’ve seen in the past, you can’t really go wrong with any team. I’m eliminating the Saints, Broncos and Jets right off the bat because they’ve just dominated the off season news too much. Also teams that have been in before are automatically eliminated. Here are the top candidates left:

1. New England Patriots- This one may not have too many new and exciting story lines, but it would be interesting to see how the best run franchise in football prepares for the season. Also it’d be fun to follow Gronk around for a few weeks. The Patriots would never allow this so the points probably moot.

2. Washington Redskins- From the best run franchise to the worst run franchise. Daniel Snyder would probably beg HBO for Hard Knocks just for some attention. RGIII going from draft pick to team leader would be a transition worth watching. Maybe the Geico caveman would even show up to play Brian Orakpo in scrabble.

3. New York Giants- How about that other New York team? They may not have Tebow, but they are the Super Bowl Champions and Eli would be good for at least one unintentionally funny moment per episode. Who wouldn’t want to see Tom Coughlin yelling at the newly signed Shaun Rogers for being five minutes late to a meeting?

4. Cleveland Browns- What’s training camp like for a team with no hope? The Browns reside in the hardest division in football and have a brutal schedule that includes playing the NFC East. They’ll be lucky to win four games this year. Their most compelling story is a quarterback competition brewing between Colt Mccoy and Brandon Weeden. Do training camps like this fool around more? Would they put bounties on their own players to make things more exciting? There’s no telling what a team already in competition for next year’s number one pick could do.

5. Seattle Seahawks- Does anyone really know what’s going on in Seattle? You have a good (in the competition sense, not talent) QB battle between Tavaris Jackson and Matt Flynn. We could finally solve the great mystery of how many skittles Marshawn Lynch eats in one day.

6. Chicago Bears- Da Bears are actually my favorite of all the candidates. They have a quarterback who has been labeled soft and makes the same sleepy face during a football game that I made during my Geology class. A Matt Forte hold out could definitely be looming. The newly aquried Brandon Marshall has had some off the field issues to say the least. There’s also Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester, who we might as well enjoy while we can until the NFL becomes even lamer and eliminates kick offs.

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One Response to “Who Should be on Hard Knocks?”

  1. Michael Says:

    I think the Raiders would make a good Hard Knocks. Might give us the inside scoop on which team they’re going to donate their next First Round pick to. They shouldn’t even be given first round picks anymore.

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